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January 7, 2008

Discover Teluk Cempedak 4 Beach (TC4)

Yesterday 7.30am, Kwek , Jun Wah & me went to Teluk Cempedak 3 Beach (TC3). A place that I never go before. Kwek was our leader, guide us to go to there. I planned to taken photo of little crab and scenery at there.

After a few minutes, we reached there. Yeah, we were the earliest went to TC3. My first feeling of TC3, the sand very clean and didn’t have any single footprint at the beach & no people at there. So, i can say that it is an unpolluted beach. We started explored the little crab & captured photo of it.

An hours ago, we decided to walk along the TC3 beach until the end of it. Aiyo, my leg was tired already, because the TC3 beach is 2 times longer than TC1 beach. Afterthat, reached the end of TC3 beach , we climbed the rock there.Abruptly, we saw a beach and 2 villa there..‘Huh, where is here?' Isn't TC4??? So, we just consider there is a TC4 beach.
‘Yeah, we are the Discoverer Teluk Cempedak 4 Beach (TC4)!’

We still wanted to near the villa, but there was raining cats and dogs already. Haiz, can't go there. So, we rushed back to TC3.

'Art of sand'

'Hey, don't leave me alone'

'Yeah, we are the Discoverer Teluk Cempedak 4 Beach (TC4)!’

We planned to go TC4 beach next time.
Do you to want join us?

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