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May 16, 2008

On The Road 路上

This picture was taken when one day i went back to home.
That time i saw the sky appeared sunray,
but didn't bring out my camera.
So, i just used my phone camera(2 Megapixel) to captured it.
But the image quality not good la...I still want to share to you all!!!


Mei Wah said...

what?!? you just use your camera phone to take this picture? but the effect is just as good as camera!!! you have a great photography skill!!!

EricLau1988 said...

Mei Wah~Thanks for comment!
The important things just need have good composition & right angle to your picture...So, any camera also can taking Nice picture!

Sean Yee said...

Wah..pro..now i learn one more thg liao=must have gd composition and rite angle..thanks,sifu...

Eric Lau said...

Welcome, Sean Yee...i'm pro yet la!

Anonymous said...

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